6 Nutrition Tips When Learning How To Lose Arm Fat

Extreme dietary restriction when learning how to lose arm fat is cardinal sin number one. Despite all the “don’t starve yourself” and “eat six meals a day” advice, many women are STILL dieting the dirty way. And most women simply do not know how to change their eating patterns in a healthy and sustainable fashion.

And the sad truth is that crash dieting shuts down your metabolism (think muscle loss and fat gain) for a very very long time. So try to cruise along with your diet instead of crashing with it. Here are 6 eat-right tips that will help you cruise along the way to sexy arm stardom:

1. Forget about calories in versus calories out. In this day and age, everyone is busy and we don’t have all day to exercise. It’s not necessary to spend hours running and hours lifting weights every day to get rid of the arm jiggle. All that’s needed is a short workout that gets to the point in 45 minutes or less (note: you should be sweating and panting).

2. Throw away your food journal. Actually, if you have a food journal feel free to burn it while chanting a victory song. On the surface, the concept of keeping a journal may seem like a good idea, but eventually, it will make you feel like a slave.

3. Focus on general eating patterns. All you have to do is make sure each one of your meals has a protein, vegetable, carbohydrate, and fat source. If you want to take it to the next level, make sure your carbohydrate sources are only legumes. Do this, and everything else will fall into place.

4. Banish your calorie-counting tendencies. Even worse than your food journal, calorie-counting is another full-time job. And the worst part is that it’s based on an obsolete closed thermodynamic model. A 3500 caloric deficit does NOT equal a pound of fat loss. Don’t become a machine when learning how to lose arm fat!

5. Keep consuming your guilty pleasures. All you have to do here is reduce the size of your guilty pleasure and accompany it with a fibrous serving of vegetables. Do both of these and the negative impact of your guilty food will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

6. One alcoholic drink per day. Perhaps it’s the stress of modern day living, but way too many of my female clients are loading up on booze more often than not. If you drink more than one serving of alcohol per day, your body will greatly reduce its production of arm-fat-melting hormones.

I hope you aren’t feeling intimidated by the process of learning how to lose arm fat. Changing your eating patterns is not that hard as long as you are patient and take a healthy approach. And now you have 6 key things that will make the change that much easier!

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