Strategies to Stop Panic Attacks When Driving

Strategies to Stop Panic Attacks When Driving

Many parts of driving can cause you excessive amounts of strain and anxiety attacks are definitely not welcomed in this situation. So, you must learn how to stop panic attacks when driving.

The Critical Thing to do First is to Get off the Roadway

Prior to getting a full-blown attack, you need to pull over to a safe spot when you will not injure yourself or other drivers. Do not allow yourself to think about anything bad until you are able to get off the road. After you are properly out of the way of other vehicles, you can better think about how to stop panic attacks when driving.

Take Deep Breaths and Let Your Sense of Panic Pass

You have to get yourself calmed down. If you have had a panic attack, then you will understand that having someone tell you to relax is much simpler than being able to do so. But you can learn ways to get yourself chilled out and calm.

The key to relaxation is taking deep breaths. This is the most effective and time-tested way for relaxing. Breathe in deeply; hold it. Then exhale long and deeply. As you exhale, imagine that your fears are blowing away from your body as well.

Consider an area where you are safe and happy. Take yourself away from the street. Use a place that means something to you. Try to select a location that lends itself to relaxation, let your eyes close, and think about yourself there whenever you are stressed.

As you feel an attack coming on, you are more than likely inundating yourself with unsupportive pictures and thoughts that only perpetuate the stress and anxiety you are under. Thinking good thoughts will do just the opposite. Tell your brain that your attack will be finished shortly. I can handle it. I am going to be alright. I am safe.

More Ideas for Avoiding Anxiety Attacks

We would like to share several other techniques to assist you in learning how to stop panic attacks when driving:

Pack snacks and cool drinks with you in your car. Bottled water is a good pick. A nice, cool sip of water can sometimes help to clear your mind and help you become focused. After you sat in your car breathing deeply and you have had a small snack, you may find that you feel better. Your brain has been fed and can better serve you.

Listen to Music – Many people who have issues with panic attacks find out that hearing music can get them past the situation. Always have a CD or tape in your car that includes music that calms you down. Or, you can put on a radio station that plays the music you like. Often, jazz, soft rock, or classical musical choices are very effective.

– Concentrate on the Act of Driving. Move your thoughts away from the attack itself, and place your full attention on your driving. You may be able to avoid a full blown attack by making your mind focus only on what you need to do to drive your car. Along with filling your mind, this technique let’s your mind know that although you are having a panic attack, you are still in control of your car.

Carry a photo that brings fond memories, or recall a recent comical event; either will help you let go of the tension, as laughter is always therapeutic.

If none of these suggestions are effective for you, and you continue to get panic attacks, you should consult a professional.




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