How much Should I Weigh?

The vast majority ask themselves, “How much should I weigh”? You might be having problems with your weight especially if a person your age is obviously thinner. Hence, you might be asking yourself If you’re starting to acquire more weight than necessary. Don’t panic yet. It’s not just your age that’s used as a basis for weight. It depends on different factors which include a person’s frame, height, lean muscles mass, and body fat mass. Hence, if you are the same height and age with a person, that doesn’t mean that your weight should also be the same. Still, a body mass index is available if you want to get an exact number.

Body Mass Index?

Body mass index is also known as BMI is a method used by both males and females when calculating body fat percentage. For this method, a person’s body height and weight are taken into consideration. Various websites are actually equipped with the capacity to calculate a person’s BMI. Simply type the necessary numbers on the blank and have your answer in a matter of seconds.

Those who are underweight have a BMI of 18.5 or lower. In between 18.5 and 29.9 the amount can be viewed as average with anything higher than that seen as overweight.

Other Methods

Other methods have also been developed by the National Institutes of Health. Its simplicity eliminates the use of other factors, thus making it inaccurate compared to others. It states that men at five feet should weigh 106 pounds plus 6 more pounds for every inch above five feet. When it comes to girls, 100 pounds for the first five feet and 5 more for each inch added.

What comes next?

So, what would happen after answering the important question of “How much should I weigh?”? That would depend on the results. If you find out that you are overweight, then learn ways to burn calories. If you’re on the normal range, then your goal would be to get a leaner body shape. Hence, you’ll be looking for various ways to burn calories.

There are various ways you can do this. So far, exercising would be your best bet. A good diet partnered with exercises are sure to take effect when done for some time. Other methods you might have heard of concern pills and carefully choosing what to eat. There are various pills and medicines today that promise to burn off fat. However, be very careful if you are thinking about choosing this strategy. Not only can it damage your bank account but the risk to your health is quite possible. Of course, some food types also speed up calorie burning so you might also want to include them in your diet.

Keep in mind that your health is important and thus you must always ensure that your weight is within the normal range. Keep a fit body but also ensure a healthy one.

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